Our Story

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Our Story

The Andes Amazon Conservancy began work as an organization in 2017, inspired by the vision and pathbreaking research and relationship building of Adam Gebb, our Executive Director. Our growing team consists of American expats, Ecuadorians and Shuar with extensive experience and training in business, education, tourism, anthropology, and event and services management, as well as cultural knowledge of the Shuar, Shiwiar and Achuar peoples (see Our Team). The AAC is a 501c3 non-profit headquartered in Arizona, USA. Gifts to our projects are tax deductible.
In working towards this mission, the AAC has been incubating the three projects described on the Vision and Projects pages. These projects have been met with encouraging support from the indigenous people we strive to serve as well as multiple representatives of government local to the geographic regions of these projects as well the Ecuadorian National Ministries of Tourism and of the Environment.

The Path Forward

As these projects develop, we will provide updates as to their status. The Andes Amazon Conservancy enthusiastically welcomes your partnership as we seek to support achieving sustainable futures for the people of the forest as well as the entire ecology of Ecuador’s coastal, mountain and forest regions. Unlike many non-profits, we expect the AAC to be totally self-supporting after we have built out the initial phases of our hut-to-hut adventure network. This will allow us to support the biocorridor and land use planning initiatives, and to direct most revenues back to the local communities we are supporting, in partnership with collaborating NGOs. Thank you for your support!

Our Mission

To provide resources and planning services to people of the forest and rural communities so they can achieve sustainable futures.

Andes Amazon Conservancy