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To provide resources and planning services to indigenous and rural communities in the Andes Amazon region so they can achieve the sustainable futures they want and deserve.

Growing populations around the world and putting immense pressure on natural resources. Photo by Financial Times.


The Amazon and the Andes mountains are a single ecological body. In glacial epochs, cold Andes weather drives forest communities of plants, animals and insects down to the warmer Amazon lowlands. During interglacials, such as now, increasingly hot Amazon weather drives forest communities up into the cooler Andes.

However, this migration is now blocked by a 2,000-mile corridor of deforestation and unplanned development between the Amazon and the Andes. Extinction is underway as species try and fail to migrate into cooler areas. The impact of this extinction on indigenous cultures is increasing poverty, illness and malnutrition.

There are, however, a few pathways through this human development that urgently need conservation. A conserved corridor that reunites these enormous biomes is the only way to maintain the ability of many species to migrate and therefore avoid extinction. The region cannot support its legendary biodiversity fractured in pieces as it is now.

The indigenous peoples residing in this fantastic region are committed to conserving their lands and it must be these communities that drive the conservation process of the areas that they have stewarded for thousands of years.

Unfortunately, mining, oil drilling and unplanned development are rapidly degrading many parts of the Andes Amazon region. Collaborating with indigenous peoples to counter these threats is essential if we are to create lasting long-term conservation.

Unplanned development has also severely reduced hunting and gathering in many areas which degrades the culture of peoples living in the Amazon. The “old ways” are being lost to aggressive western industrialization. Working with these indigenous communities to also counter these threats is essential if we are to preserve their ancient cultures that have much to teach the rest of the world.

Therefore, another of our opportunities is to establish a sustainable economy, creating income for indigenous communities that fosters intercultural experiences and education that elevates and preserves these cultures.


Andes Amazon Conservancy initiatives support sustainable conservation of diverse Andes Amazon ecosystems and indigenous cultures, and in partnership blend the best of ancient wisdom and modern science.


  1. To re-connect Andes - Amazon landscapes and protect ecosystems that sustain healthy lives and biodiversity by collaborating with indigenous and rural communities in land use planning
  2. To provide income for the indigenous communities as well as help preserve their ancient knowledge and wisdom by building a sustainable ecotourism network for international adventurers that is authentic, ecologically critical, and visually spectacular, creating a roadless economy
Intact rainforest can support people and high biodiversity. Photo by the Telegraph