AAC Board Of Directors Welcomes Johnny Jara

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AAC Board of Directors Welcomes Johnny Jara


The board of directors of the AAC is delighted and honored to welcome Johnny Jara to its membership. “Johnny is a distinguished and highly talented contribution to our team,” said Harry S. Watkins, chairman of the board, “and we look forward to the many skills and extensive experience he will bring to our work.


Jara is a writer, professor, outdoorsman and adventurer. His work has been featured in literary magazines and newspapers in Ecuador, the United States, Mexico and Europe.  He is included in several anthologies of Ecuadorian writers. As an editor, he has collaborated on a number of books by the poet Efraín Jara Idrovo.


“A Winter Day in New York and Other Stories (“Un Día de invierno en Nueva York y Otros Relatos”) was his first book of short stories. While living in New York City in the 1990s, he studied linguistics and literature. He worked as a chef, and was a habitué of the concert halls and jazz clubs of Manhattan.


Jara is also a co-author of ”Chronicles of the High Seas” (“Crónicas de Alta Mar”), a story collection based on his experiences as a fisherman while living in Santa Elena Province. 


In addition to his passion for literature, Jara is a lifelong outdoorsman and adventurer. He has worked as a Naturalist Guide in the Galápagos; in El Cajas National Park in the Province of Azuay; and in the Machalilla National Park in the Province of Manabí.


Jara studied literature at the University of Cuenca, and musicology at the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Cuenca. He was a Professor of Literature at the Colegio Benigno Malo of Cuenca and a Professor of Literature and Social Sciences at the Colegio Fray Agustín de Azkúnaga in Puerto Villamil, Galápagos. 

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