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Allyu del Sur/South Family: BioAm

AAC is delighted to announce the launch of its sister NGO in Ecuador: Biocorredores Amazonicos! Bio-Am is a majority female, Indigenous-led NGO, which is overseeing and directing all operations in Ecuador. Our allyu, our extended family, continues to expand, and we are united in our commitment to the common goal of establishing Ecuador’s largest eco-cultural corridor.

Fueled by the principle of ayni, reciprocity,  together we are pioneering a conservation approach that prioritizes connectivity for wildlife migration as the guiding principle across fractal geographic levels.  From the micro-level within each of our 78 participating communities, to the macro level connecting 4 indigenous nations, to our highest goal of maintaining connectivity between the Andes and the Amazon, wildlife migration corridors are established in a manner that ensures clean waters and robust biodiversity for the century to come.

Until now, the Indigenous staff has requested that their identities be shielded for their own safety, but with the launch of BioAM, they are ready to step forward and be seen. We are deeply honored and grateful to be able to introduce our South Allyu.

Kichwa Team

Kichwa Team

Sapara Team

Sapara Team

Shuar Team

Shuar Team

Doy mi corazón y mi energía porque quiero ver a las comunidades con la que trabajamos, manteniendo su cultura y sus tradiciones y a la vez siendo reconocidos y valorizados por labor muy importantes que tiene con el cuidado y protección de la selva, y así lograr que las comunidades puedan en un futuro ser acreedores de las mismos derechos y oportunidades como el resto de personas, tales, como educación, salud y los servicios básicos, de acuerdo a su propia cosmovisión. 

I give my heart and my energy because I want to see the communities with which we work, maintaining their culture and traditions and at the same time being recognized and valued for the very important work they have with the care and protection of the rainforest, and thus ensure that the communities may in the future be entitled to the same rights and opportunities as the rest of the people, such as education, health and basic services, according to their own worldview.

The communities have chosen to work with us, because the work is carried out directly with the communities, second, because the technicians, leaders and members of the committees are from the communities themselves and not external people, third, because the process we carry out is transparent and according to the reality of each community and its inhabitants and fourthly, no less important, the way in which this organization is made up of people who have been working selflessly, with a single purpose, like a big family.


My team and I are collecting all the voices, decisions, questions, conflicts, desires, etc from the people who live in the communities about how they want to live in their territory in order to show this to the world and also to allow the continuity of life without losing biodiversity with strategic planning

I feel peaceful and very happy to be in the service of our Mother Earth and the communities. 

Our organization is different from others because our backbone are the communities, we work directly with each one. All the decisions and agreements are made by the people from the communities and not from only authorities or the foreign people.

I feel that the program that we are working on now is more like a mission than a job, and I’m very honored to be part of this mission. I truly believe that this dream is possible to accomplish, I believe that it is possible to live with our Mother nature in a healthy way, I believe that the voices that have been silenced will be heard throughout the world.


El trabajo de AAC tiene muchos pilares que los diferencia de otras organizaciones. Podemos empezar por el respeto y amor que le tienen  a las bases, nuestro proyecto busca siempre su aprobación y su bienestar, absolutamente todo lo que se trabaja con las comunidades es aceptado y aprobado por las bases se respeta siempre su decisión, su ideología y su ritmo. Trabajamos con las comunidades para el bienestar de las comunidades.

Otro gran pilar que nos diferencia es el empoderamiento y liderazgo  femenino que siempre se promueve en las bases y en nuestro equipo, ejemplo de ello es que nos encontramos liderados por mujeres sumamente inteligentes y capaces.  Mi energía y corazón desde que tengo uso de razón ha estado siempre del lado de la justicia social y del bien común. Mediante este trabajo siento que estoy poniendo mi esfuerzo y amor en un proyecto en dónde lo que prima siempre es el bienestar de las comunidades, de la madre naturaleza y de todo el equipo. 

El sentir que no pertenezco a una ONG,  si no que pertenezco a una familia que se preocupa por el bienestar no sólo de cada miembro del equipo, sino también por  el bienestar colectivo, que pone todo de sí por ver crecer una planta, por reivindicar el poder femenino y que se preocupar por rescatar los saberes ancestrales con el objetivo principal de generar un biocorredor de vida que mejore el ambiente no sólo de la Amazonía si no del mundo entero me hace sentir sumamente orgullosa y feliz. Todo lo expuesto es para mi un motor que alimenta mi deseo de servir y poner toda mi energía y corazón en este trabajo. 

AAC’s work has many pillars that differentiate it from other organizations. We can start with the respect and love that they have for the communities, our project always seeks their approval and well-being, absolutely everything that we work with the communities is accepted and approved by their decisions, their ideology and their rhythm. We work with communities for the well-being of communities.

Another great pillar that differentiates us is female empowerment and leadership that is always promoted at the grassroots and in our team. An example of this is that we are led by extremely intelligent and capable women. My energy and heart since I can remember have always been on the side of social justice and the common good. Through this work I feel that I am putting my effort and love into a project where what always comes first is the well-being of the communities, Mother Nature and the entire team.

The feeling that I do not belong to an NGO, but that I belong to a family that cares about the well-being not only of each member of the team, but also about the collective well-being, that gives everything of itself to see a plant grow, to demand feminine power and caring about rescuing ancestral knowledge with the main objective of generating a biocorridor of life that improves the environment not only of the Amazon but of the entire world makes me feel extremely proud and happy. All of the above is for me an engine that fuels my desire to serve and put all my energy and heart into this work.